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Tips for Exploring the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland

Tips for exploring the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

Giant’s Causeway is a centre of tourist spot in Northern Ireland in the county of Antrim. With its magnificent beauty with cliffs and coastline, it provides the enormous beauty of nature in its true sense and one could do nothing but simply amazed after beholding the landscape. Such is the beauty of the nature that in every year, hundreds of people visit this place just to take a glimpse of its beauty. Filled with legends and myths, the whole landscape is such that, if you are planning to visit Northern Ireland, you should visit Giant’s Causeway at any cost.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Giant’s Causeway is a mysterious geological formation on the North East coast of County Antrim. The cliffs give perfect views of the coastline and a must see a spot in the way to Giant’s Causeway.

While exploring through Giant’s Causeway, there are few things you should do to enhance the experience and also to make the journey smoother so that you won’t be concerned you anything other than just enjoying the beauty of nature at its best.

  1. Stay overnight — There are so many things to see Giant’s Causeway that, if you don’t plan to stay for a little longer, then you will probably miss many of those things which might have enjoyed. Staying overnight also gives you the opportunity to behold the beauty of the countryside. And since you will choose an accommodation near the Giant’s Causeway, it will also give you the opportunity to see the sun rise at the earliest.
  2. It’s better to get there early — As similar with any other tourist spots; it will save you lots headache of you could get to the place as early as possible. Many of us will probably want to avoid the crowds. But it will be futile to think that a world heritage site, such as Giant’s Causeway will have very fewer crowds. In order to avoid the bigger crowds, one should go the Giant’s Causeway as early as possible.
  3. Take the proper route which will be convenient for you – Giant’s Causeway has two roads that should be taken while you are exploring the same. One is shorter and easy route and the other is a bit longer and you will have to walk more. If you are short on time, then you should opt for the shorter route to save time. But the longer route has its own advantages. The Blue Trail is your very first option. This Blue Trail takes you straight down to a paved road and sidewalk. Most will take this route as it is straighter forward.

The red trail is the second one.  The red trail leaps over the cliff tops and then goes pass through the main Giant’s Causeway. This then takes you down to a number of steps, probably 162. After you pass this long winding trail, you reach the rocks.

The second route is definitely longer yet, it gives you the opportunity to behold the coastline. From these cliff tops, you will see the landscape in a much better angle than anywhere else. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the whole Europe.

Another advantage is, if you choose the red trail and get tired or exhausted, you can always decide to choose the blue trail to return.

giants causeway

  1. Dress warmly — Since the weather changes in a drastic way from one extreme to the other, you should consider that while making plans to visit Giant’s Causeway. If possible, you could also take a rain gear so that you could protect yourself from rain if and when it comes. Since the weather changes so fast, it is better to keep warm clothes with you. A jacket or a scarf will help you a long way.
  2. Use of Common Sense — While visiting the Giant’s Causeway, you shouldn’t hurry yourself to get past the rocks. You also shouldn’t climb higher and it is advisable to not go to the water edge. Many times, people just fail to use these rules and gets injured in the process. That’s why you have need to be very smart and be very careful. Whatever road you take it will need some level of attention.

Thus, by following the above guidelines, you could visit the Giant’s Causeway with utmost security.

giants causeway

Top things to visit in Giant’s Causeway

A UNESCO world heritage site, the Giant’s Causeway is situated on the north east coast of county atrium. Filled with myths and legends, Giant’s Causeway is a must visit place if you are considering to go to Northern Ireland. The mysterious geological formation will give you an experience that you have never had and the natural beauty will simply just amaze you. Words can’t do justice to an extravagant place such as Giant’s Causeway and until you behold by yourself, one will never understand what one was missing. The setting is spectacular, the dynamic coastal landscape of Atlantic waves, secluded bays and magnificent views. The rugged cliffs are something that attracts the tourists. The causeway forms a headland of neatly packed columns, the beauty of which is, out of this world.

The Giant’s Causeway is more than enough of a reason to visit the Northern Ireland and get an experience of a once in a life time. There are lots of activities that one can perform in Giant’s Causeway and each activity brings pleasure and fulfilment. Be it walking down the path or taking photographs in the cliffs, will simply be a memory that you will cherish forever for the rest of your life.

Following are must to dogs when you visit the Giant’s Causeway.

  1. Cliff top experience: In Giant’s Causeway among the ruins, where you will walk by, you will have the magnificent cliff top experience and get the opportunity to behold the views from the cliffs. five-mile hike from the ruin of Dunseverick Castle along the stunning cliff top path to Northern Ireland’s first World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway is something that you should do while experiencing the natural beauty of giant’s causeway. On this journey, you will get the opportunity to behold the out of the world beauty of coastal lines which gives one of the best cliff views in the whole Europe. The breath taking the beauty of the natural wonder has attracted hundreds of tourists each year to this place.
  2. Walk among the columns: This is something you should never miss out. If you are at Giant’s Causeway and you haven’t walked along the columns, then you will miss the spectacular view of the coastal lines. There are two ways to walk along. The short one is to walk from the visitor centre down past Port Naboo and Port Gan. This is the most popular route to Giant’s Causeway and if you don’t have much time yet, you want to experience the beauty of nature, then this is the route you should take.
  3. But if you can, be adventurous: above is the short route which you should take if you are running in a shortage of time. But none can match the experience if you opt for being adventurous and take the long route. By taking the long route, you will get the opportunity to experience the breath taking the beauty of the coastal Bay while going to Giant’s Causeway. You can take the panoramic shepherds steps and behold the cliffs, and sleepy fields of Antrim landscape.
  4. Don’t forget to visit organ and amphitheatre: The Organ is a collection of unique, enormous columns towering over the bay. From the amphitheatre platform, you will behold the magnificent coastlines and curious rock formations which are the base of many legends and myths. You will be simply amazed how nature can portray its beauty.
  5. Bring your camera: Giant’s Causeway is one of the intriguing landscapes not only in Northern Ireland but the whole world in general. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a pro at taking pictures, as the whole natural beauty will give every one of your pictures a great new dimension. If you are a pro, you will have the perfect opportunity to test your skills. Find different locations, angles and perspectives to take the most astonishing pictures that one could take. You should also take a note on the sanctuary and take a view of the birds. It’s one of the things in life that you will cherish forever.

Thus, Giant’s Causeway gives you the ample of opportunity to bring out the beauty of nature to the world. It is there by, has been regarded as a heritage site even by the UNESCO. If you are visiting Northern Ireland, you certainly shouldn’t miss this opportunity.

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Best Places to Visit in Turkey

10 Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Everyone needs a vacation – to get a fresh mind, to get rid of the tiresome day to day activities and to feel alive by a travel Turkey. And most importantly, everyone needs vacation because we all need a life out of the social life… To feel free and feel alive.

Speaking of vacations, Turkey has been one of the most popular vacation goals in the world and a lot of people from all over the globe choose to spend at least a few days of their lives in this place.  The sole reason – the amount of beauty and diversity this Middle Eastern country provides it visitors.

However, if you are traveling to this amazing place for the very first time, then here is a list of places that holds a “must visit” tag during your stay in Turkey 

  1. Hit the beach at Kabak Bay – Most people visit the tranquil Kabak Bay as it offers hippie vibe and if you are one of those people who loves that sort of things, Kabak Bay is a must visit for you. The Kabak Valley is near Fathiye and you can simply hire a taxi to reach the place enjoying the beautiful nature. The place has a jaw-dropping beauty and no adventures soul can say no to a hike.
  2. Visit Cappadocia – Cappadocia is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. You will be amazed to know that it exists because of a volcanic eruption. There are plenty of ways you can explore the place – with a horse ride, a hot balloon tour in Cappadocia and many other ways by participating our Cappadocia Tours. One tip – one should never forget to take a sip on the Turkish tea here.

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  3. Hagia Sofia – This is another place you should never fail to visit when you are in Turkey. The place is quite popular among the visitors and t holds a long history. The place was built by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century as a Church, which was converted into a Mosque almost after 900 years.
  4. The City of Ephesus – The town is a small one located in Selcuk, almost 18 miles away from Kusadasi. The place was regarded as one of the busiest commercial centers once, which turned out to be one of the most popular places now. Though most of it is in ruins, some structures like The Great Theatre and the Library of Celsus can be still seen.
  5. Grand Bazaar – Visiting Turkey and not visiting the Grand Bazaar? That cannot be done. Visit the Grand Bazaar for an exciting and impromptu shopping experience. Get everything from Jewelry, souvenirs, rugs, tea, and clothes – nothing can fail to surprise you.
  6. Sahaflar Carsisi – If you are a huge admirer of books and claim to be a book-worm, then this place is just so right for you. The place is a second hand book bazaar where you get almost every book in the world. The place is one of the oldest places in Istanbul and you surely need to make good care of your bargaining skills.
  7. Princes’ Island – Keeping everything aside, make sure you visit this wonderful tourist attraction in Turkey. Why people go there? Well, silence is the key here. The place is extremely peaceful and silent which adds to the beauty of the place. You get to ride horse-drawn carriages and bicycles and not motor cycles or other vehicles. The best thing about the place!
  8. Mount Nemrut – How can someone fail to visit the 8th wonder in the world? Mount Nemrut is one of the most famous and visited places in the whole world. The place is situated on the Arsameia antique road and it contains huge statues of King Antiochus I Theos of Commagene along with two lions, two eagles and various Greek and Persian gods.
  9. Shop for Spices – Well, it isn’t the name of the place but you can shop various spices from around the world in this market called – Egyptian Bazaar. You are more likely to come across innumerous amount of spices and herbs that you haven’t heard of before.
  10. Take a Bosphorus Cruise in Eminonu – The Bosphorus cruise connects two seas – the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. The place is quite overlooked and offbeat but it actually has a lot to offer. The best time to take the Bosphorus cruise by ferry is night.

Here are 10 best places to visit in Turkey. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of these places.


Myths and Legends Of Giant’s Causeway

Myths and legends of Giant’s Causeway

When we talk about Northern Ireland, one of the many things that come to one’s mind is Giant’s Causeway. It’s a world heritage site recognised even by UNESCO which situated at the coast of County Antrim in. Northern Ireland. If you are planning to visit Northern Ireland, this is one of the places that you must visit. Whether you have very short time hand or you can stay there for longer, Giant’s Causeway has such an attraction that you will never be out of places or things to see. This magnificent landscape is filled with many myths and legends which date back to ancient times. Many myths and legends have been one of the main attractions of this place and tourists always find it fascinating. Whether you believe it or not, these myths are worth to tell.

A lot of people tell the story of the great Irish Giant, who was named as Finn McCool. They say, that his most ruthless and fearsome enemies were the Scottish Giants. The argument was over who is in the possession of Ireland.

It is said that Finn was determined and he wanted to take the whole matter to his own hands. In order to do that, he built a causeway from Ulster. The Ulster was actually built across the sea and it covered the whole area from the sea to Scotland. There was remarkable engineering behind it and even by modern standard; one could say that it was very ahead of its time. It was built with some of the most unusual and unique cobblestones that had six sides which gave the impression of honeycomb when fitting together. The pavement made by these cobblestones is really very pretty.

One day he shouted a challenge to the Scottish giant Benandonner, The Red Man, to cross the causeway and fight him. But as soon as he saw the Scottish giant, he was surprised to see that he was much bigger than what he anticipated. Finn had to think of the challenge he made and then went back considering the Scottish giant seemed too big to handle.

But Benandonner was coming and his footsteps could be heard from a long distance. At each of the footsteps coming, the fear inside Finn grew bigger and bigger. He even had to put Moss in his ears so that he could unheard the footsteps that were made by the Scottish giant. Seeing him in such a state, his wife decided to take the matter in her hand and tried to hide him by putting bed sheets over him.

Soon the Scottish giant knocked the doors of the fort of Allen. Wife of Finn, Oongah was a very clever woman and she quickly thought of a plan to tackle the situation. Oongah cleverly showed various possessions of Finn (misleadingly) to intimidate Benandonner, the Scottish giant. At one point of time, she showed the boulders and those were pretty tall; in fact, the boulders looked same like the giant in terms of the height. She informed him that Finn used to play with those big rocks with his friends.


Hearing this, Benandonner tried to test his strength. He tried to lift the Boulder but it was surely big and heavy enough even for the Scottish giant to lift. He couldn’t lift it above his head before putting it down. It was a test of strength and after hearing the stories of Finn from Oongah, a doubt was appearing in Benandonner’s mind as for whether he was strong enough to challenge Finn. So he decided to return back and very politely he thanked Oongah for the amount of hospitality she offered.

At that point of time, Finn thanked Oongah for her hospitality and chased Benamdonner to Scotland. While chasing, Finn then took out a huge clod of mother earth to throw. This huge place is now called Later it got Lough Neagh after being filled with water.

The clod eventually missed the target and falls into the sea and now became what is known as Isle of Man in Irish Sea. However, the giants completely tore up the whole Giant’s Causeway. They just left the ragged ends.

Thus the legends are born. These myths have been going on for centuries. And these were always a center of attraction to all the people. Many people go to Giant’s Causeway hoping to see some signs of giant. Be it for believing or just to enjoy the structure, Giant’s Causeway has always been a great tourist spot. Which is why, UNESCO termed it as one of the world’s heritage center. With many myths and legends, Giant’s Causeway is indeed a place to visit and it is one of those places where you could see the true beauty of nature.